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Water Treatment
  • Oiltrap — Industrial water treatment and recycling systems
  • Besco Water Treatment — One of Michigan's largest water treatment companies, specializing in residential and commercial equipment as well as high purity deionized water and bottled water
  • Aqua Treat Chemicals — An industrial water treatment company providing service and water treatment chemicals in California
  • Quality Water Treatment — A full-service water filtration company and an Internet-based wholesale distributor of quality residential and commercial water softeners, iron filters, water filter systems, water softener parts and supplies
  • Culligan — Recognized as the world leading innovator and provider of water softeners, water filters and purification systems to improve general use and drinking water in the home and workplace
  • Lenntech Water Treatment & Air Purification — Supplies industrial water treatment and air treatment systems for disinfection, filtration, odor control and recycling of water and air using environmentally friendly technologies such as ozone, UV, chlorine dioxide, biofilters and Ecosorb
  • NSF Water Treatment — The NSF Water Treatment Device Certification Program requires extensive product testing and unannounced audits of production facilities.
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension — The publicity about water pollution problems may cause you to question the safety of your water supply.
  • Drinking Water treatment Methods — Addresses the question as to whether people should drink tap water, filtered water, or bottled water
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Discusses the interim enhanced surface water treatment rule
  • Aspen Waterwise LTD — a full service water treatment company, working with residents of the Roaring Fork Valley to provide solutions to all residential and commercial water concerns

  • AC Solar — Solar, wind and sustainable building products
  • Wale Environmental — Environmental products
  • Green Disk — Handles all technotrash disposal needs, from a CD to a PC, and just about everything in between
  • Aztec Environmental Services, Inc. — Provides clients throughout the United States with solutions to their environmental problems
  • AC Solar — Offers everything needed for an alternative energy home — solar and wind systems, energy efficient appliances, radiant heating systems, cork and bamboo flooring, and energy-efficient building products
  • Dalton Environmental Cleaning — A NADCA-certified, HVAC-licensed company committed to providing a quality, guaranteed air duct cleaning service
  • Firstar Waste Solutions LLC — From scheduled trash pick-up to temporary solid waste containers, Firstar will work with you until the right container fits your needs
  • Absolute Environmental — Providing our customers with the highest quality products and IAQ services available today, but with solutions to today's and tomorrow's environmental challenges
  • Environmental Labs & Services — A company containining individuals with a broad range of knowledge and experience in the environmental field
  • Air Phaser Environment — Designed to treat industrial, large volume, volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and odorous air emissions typical of industrial processes by neutralizing pollutants, using only electricity
  • American Scientific — A full service mold, pest, and termite management company that focuses on environmental protection through scientific control utilizing the safest and most effective materials available in the industry
  • Cedar Eaters of Texas — The cedar and brush control experts
  • Enviro Tech International, Inc. — A world leader in precision vapor degreasing and non-flammable solvents
  • Joe's Plastics, Inc. — Established in 1974 with the goal of providing an outlet to companies generating plastic scrap as a byproduct of their production process
Chemical Manufacturing Companies

  • Enviro Tech Chemical Services — Provider of peracetic acid
  • Chemtex Inc. — Supplies a broad line of spill control products to choose from; available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Go-To Tanks — Provides customers with safest and most durable plastic products available while still maintaining superior service
  • Parish Chemical — Produces fine organic chemicals, either as part of their product line or on a custom basis, using a confidential customer-defined process or a chemical process that they develop
  • Chemicals Yellow Pages — Provides a listing of custom chemical manufacturing companies
  • Hoovers — Lists companies that manufacture specialty chemical products, including adhesives and sealants, carbon black, explosives, fatty acids, glycerine, printing ink, repellents, and cleaning solutions
  • Dixie Chemical Company — A recognized leader in the manufacture and marketing of high-purity specialty and pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Pressure Chemical Company — Provides chemical process development, piloting, custom chemical and toll manufacturing services to manufacturers employing chemical compounds and other sophisticated materials in their products

  • Olton Welding — Custom-built farm equipment
  • Evans Bio Fuel — Distributes wholesale gasoline, diesel fuel, and bio fuels
  • John Glenn Sanitation — Their longstanding reputation of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction is what they pride themselves upon
  • WR Cool Energy Savings LLC — An authorized Compress Shield distributor who can easily help companies reduce their energy bills and equipment maintenance costs
  • Pro Max Industries — Uses an ultrasonic sewing process to manufacture flexible ducting, resulting in a duct that has no holes left behind by a traditional sewing process
  • Residential Dumpster Service — Offers fast, friendly and courteous dumpster, yard waste, construction waste, and junk removal service in the state of Maryland
  • Industrial Louvers — Specializes in the manufacturing of industrial louvers, sunshades, sunscreens, decorative window grilles, column covers, and more
  • The Water-Tower — A craftsman-built storage unit designed specifically for two or four five-gallon water bottles
  • Wilson Manufacturing and Design — Combines innovative design and leading edge manufacturing techniques to solve the most difficult bulk material handling problems
  • Wiz Team — A highly quoted professional and certified Chicago carpet cleaning and upholstery company
  • Advanced Blasting Services — Their engineers approach every challenge backed by years of experience gained on Alaska's toughest jobs
  • Advanced Water Works — A full service irrigation company specializing in repairs and maintenance of existing irrigation systems and the installation of new ones
  • Smith's Premium Water & Coffee Service — A water delivery service that specializes in bottled drinking water
  • Cam Expert — A custom panel designer specializing in front panels in aluminum, plexiglass, composite board and other non-ferrous metals
  • Industrial Breakdown Couriers, LTD — A parts delivery company based in Southern Ontario
  • Wisco Block & Pavers — Specializing in exterior home and business beautification, from blocks and pavers and masonry products to landscaping products, industrial sand products and retaining walls
  • Colorado Container Corporation — Manufacturer of corrugated boxes
  • Alpha Waterjet Machining — Custom waterjet cutting and machining of virtually any material, including metals, glass, stone, plastics, ceramics, wood, and rubber
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