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THE SCOPE OF EQUIPMENT offered by SurTech Corporation is being constantly upgraded. The advent of the information age, and the continuous improvement in microchip technology, allows us to introduce new items frequently. At an earlier time, if you, as a client, wanted cooling tower blowdown control along with chemical feed, it was necessary to purchase both a conductivity controller and a chemical feed pump. Now, the blowdown controller is built into the chemical feed pump as a single unit. The same can be achieved with a biocide timer or a pH controller. Very sophisticated multifunction controllers now exist that will feed an oxidizing biocide on an ORP signal, a non-oxidizing biocide on a bio-fouling sensor, or a corrosion inhibitor on a linear polarization rate sensor. The combinations are nearly limitless as the cost decreases for all of the potential monitoring functions. SurTech Corporation represents several major lines of controllers and chemical feed systems, thereby allowing us flexibility is selecting the right system for your needs.

Many advances are now also being made in the field of pretreatment equipment for boiler water. Simple sodium zeolite softeners have long been the backbone of boiler water external treatment. This area has now been transformed with reverse osmosis equipment and various types of deionizers. Condensate polishing and electrodeionization have been added to the lexicon of external treatment options. A quickly developing technology uses a new form of membranes to remove corrosive oxygen and carbon dioxide from your raw water. This greatly reduces the high-energy cost of running a steam deaerator. SurTech works with a wide range of suppliers to arrive at the best equipment for preparing your water for your boilers.
Cooling tower water has not been neglected, but falls into a different type of equipment need. While various types of softening are being used to lessen the scaling tendencies of cooling water, the problems caused by corrosion and biofouling still demand rigorous chemical treatment. A rapidly growing area is the use of mixed oxidants as a biocide. Rather than relying on dangerous gas chlorine or large quantities of bleach, mixed oxidants are safely generated at your site with a unique anode/cathode system using only salt, electricity, and water. SurTech is a leader in employing this highly successful and cost-reducing technology. We proudly represent MIOX Corporation in providing a safer, greener approach to controlling algae and slime bacteria in your cooling systems. Contact us today to find out how SurTech Corporation can modernize your facility's equipment.
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