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SURTECH CORPORATION has developed a major line of green water treatment chemical products for cooling water treatment. We strive to arrive at a balance between the latest green water treatment products and changes in mechanical equipment for the utilities area. Our technology retains proven performers while upgrading other areas to reflect recent developments in our field. Several of the materials used in our programs have won the US Presidential EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

SurTech Corporation was contracted to develop a user-friendly, environmentally safer treatment program and to conduct a two-year trial on a cooling tower system at the US Army Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois. The green water treatment chemistry employed was developed over the past few years in response to a need by a Big-10 university for a low-pollution treatment program. The results of that highly successful study are published in the proceedings of Corrosion 2004, Paper 04319. (Visit the NACE website for further information.) Since then, this program has been implemented at numerous Army bases, and will now be their standard recommendation in green water treatment for cooling water. Currently, SurTech is under contract with the US Army to develop and demonstrate a green water treatment coolant replacement for glycol, as well as a system to generate a mixed oxidants biocide on site at cooling towers.

Our green water treatment products can also be used to qualify for points under the US Green Building Council LEED certification program. (Visit the US Green Building Council website for further information.) Many state and local jurisdictions now require that new facilities be built with sustainability qualities. An expanding number of areas of the United States are now offering various tax credits for building green facilities. SurTech products can aid in garnering LEED points under the categories of both water conservation and innovative products and design.
Equally important to preventing scale and corrosion in both open and closed cooling water systems is the prevention of microbiological problems. Bacteria can cause unseen corrosion problems in heat exchangers and algae, and other biomass can lead to deposit-related fouling of condensers and cooling tower fill. Slime, algae, and especially Legionella bacteria need to be prevented in open recirculating systems. While no exacting limits have been established for Legionella in cooling tower waters, an established testing program has become a must from a risk management viewpoint. Both the ASHRAE guidelines and the AWT guidelines strongly call for a regular program of testing for Legionella and Legionella-like organisms, in order to demonstrate good stewardship over your biological control programs.

"Biodispersants play an important role in microbiological control programs, particularly against Legionella. These chemicals act to loosen microbial deposits (slime, sludges, etc.) and promote system cleanliness. Biodispersants promote biocide penetration of biofilm and enhance the effectiveness of biocides."
— AWT statement on Legionella, 2003
SurTech Corporation uses green water treatment biocides and biodispersants that have a low environmental toxicity profile to protect your equipment, workers and the environment. SurTech will help you develop the testing program needed to maintain clean and safe cooling waters. Contact us to determine how we can assist you.
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