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Closed Systems

CLOSED WATER LOOPS can seem simple and turn out to be vexing. Often the problems develop since the water is never seen, and is consequently ignored. Both chilled water loops and hot water loops are prone to specific problems. Your SurTech representative can do a thorough evaluation of your closed system green water treatment chemical needs.

Mineral scale is usually not a problem in chilled water, as the water does not concentrate or cycle up from evaporation. However, corrosion or biological fouling can be rampant if these systems are ignored. Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) can be especially serious in chilled water loops, and can cause serious damage to both copper chiller tubes and steel piping. SurTech has programs based on our green water treatment technology, or you can choose a more traditional treatment approach that will protect your capital investment. Our service representative will check your chilled water for bacteria using the latest diagnostic tools, including ATP instant biomass testing. Many systems can also be monitored with corrosion coupon racks or instant linear polarization rate meters.
If you are feeding an expensive additive at several gallons per 1,000 gallons of system volume, you need to talk to us. Many of the existing additives use toxic nitrites or molybdates. Both the US Army and a major university have rigorously tested and proven the effectiveness of our green water treatment chemicals. SurTech's knowledge from treating multimillion gallon chilled water loops can lead to significant cost savings, as many of our programs work at low, cost-effective dosages.

Don't forget those hot water boilers and closed hot water hydronic loops. Just because they are low-pressure and do not generate steam does not mean that they can be safely operated with poor water treatment. A system that leaks badly due to corrosion can also foul badly with scale if makeup rates are high and the makeup is not softened. SurTech can't plug the leaks, but we can give you confidence that your recirculating hot water is being properly treated to avoid messy and dangerous leaks.
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