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SURTECH CORPORATION has witnessed a quiet revolution in boiler water chemistry over the past two decades. The era of phosphate and organophosphonate chemical treatment is passing, while sophisticated polymer blends are increasingly being used. Sodium sulfite and hydrazine, as oxygen scavengers, while still the least expensive, are being supplanted by a plethora of alternatives. Not all of the newer generation of chemicals work any faster or better, and they usually cost more. In the field of condensate return line treatment, old line filming amines and neutralizing amines are falling out of favor, either due to the expense or the difficulty in feeding them.

Our research and development has allowed SurTech to move forward with products that incorporate new technologies and chemistries. We can now provide truly green water treatment programs for boilers under 150 psig.
There have also been great advances in external treatment technologies that make extensive utilization of micro filtration and reverse osmosis membranes. In addition, SurTech is working in a new area, providing membrane-driven oxygen and carbon dioxide removal from makeup water. The energy savings implications of eliminating steam-driven deaeration are enormous.

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