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About Us

AS OUR NAME IMPLIES, SurTech is involved in Surface Technology. We use water as a means of conveying treatment products to the surface in need of protection. Our programs are designed to prevent the accumulation of corrosion, scale, and biological foulants on heat transfer surfaces.

SurTech Corporation was originally founded in 1990 as a water treatment chemical and service company, and became a green water treatment company in 1999. Our goal is to provide highly trained and experienced water treatment personnel to a marketplace that increasingly relies on distant computers rather than skilled local service representatives. The art of troubleshooting is being lost as many water treatment companies seek to maximize profits by expanding sales time at the expense of hands-on service. A rash of mergers and buyouts is rapidly reducing the best-known cost control mechanism — competition. Gone from the scene in recent years are Dearborn, Apollo, Calgon, Wright Chemical, Olin Water Services, Hercules Water division, Clow, Zimmie, Burmah Water Services, Mogul, Diversey, and Aquatech. Many formerly independent corporations now belong to conglomerates and have lost their corporate identities. As a result, the thrust of these organizations is towards return on investment rather than customer satisfaction.
While SurTech is a younger corporation, we function under a time-honored concept — to sell a quality product at a fair price. Our employees' broad experience in three decades across all facets of water treatment gives SurTech both the breadth and depth to satisfy our customers' needs.

SurTech Corporation has developed a line of environmentally and user-friendly green water treatment chemicals which were nominated for the U.S. Presidential Green Chemical Challenge Award in 2003 and 2004 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. SurTech Corporation formulates water treatment specifically for each customer, rather than using generic blends, as do most water treatment companies. Differentiation among many companies occurs in their expensive marketing programs, which cloud rather than clarify the underlying technology. The majority of service representatives for the larger companies do not know what chemicals are in their blends beyond a vague generic description. If you, as a customer, need to know, you have to call an emergency 800 number.

At SurTech, we are as proud of our innovative approach to today's technology as we are of our personal, high quality service.
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